Vintage Lifestyle Activities

Vintage Lifestyle Activities

Dining Etiquette Demonstrations

Join Michael Bufalino and Geoffrey Emerson Webster as they lead you through the proper comportment used at Black Tie and White Tie events, but 1920s style! Michael and Geoffrey have made vintage living the rule of their apartment; entering, a guest would be hard pressed to find any sign of the 21st century. Sitting on antique furniture eating from deco plates their guest feels as if they have been transported to a time somewhere between the armistice and Pearl Harbor, right down to listening to Michael’s extensive collection of 78 RPM records on his Victor Orthophonic Credenza. They are taking over the dining room at Glen Foerd to share their knowledge of formal dining with you! Join them, won’t you?

Hair and Make-up Demonstrations

The perfect pin-curl or fingerwave is a romantic look, ripe for any era, but something of a lost art. Learn how to create the perfect 1920s look with celebrity hair and make-up stylist Jessica Saint. She’ll teach you everything you need to know to create a vintage Jazz Age look, including make-up selection, mastering the smoky 1920s eye, cupid bow lip, hairstyling and more! This demonstration will be livestreamed on Jazz Age on the Delaware’s Facebook Page, so you can join us in the air-conditioned mansion or on your smartphone!


For the gentleman looking for a fresh cut or straight razor shave, visit the mansion’s air conditioned sun porch where Master Barber, Josh Cantor from Men’s Club Barbershop in Northwest Philadelphia will treat you to an old fashioned barber experience (cash only, please). Go ahead, allow the dandy inside of you shine with a new vintage look.

Vintage Magic

Go back in time at Glen Foerd’s Terrace Stage to a time when magicians stunned crowds in the smoke filled rooms of speakeasies. Dan Hauss modern magic creator, has reimagined what magic should look like while not forgetting the vintage style magic he loves.

Cigar Lounge

For a smoker looking to keep their slender figure the Lucky’s way, visit our cigar lounge on the boat house deck overlooking the Delaware River. Relax on couches while watching the sailboats go by, the rustle of trees, and the sweet hot jazz sounds emanating from the nearby Terrace Stage.

Commonwealth Pictures

“Aaaand ACTION!” Here’s your chance to be in the golden age of film! Commonwealth Pictures is looking for its next big star, but you’ll need to pass your screen test first. So get ready to be the next Greta Garbo or Buster Keaton – it’s time for your close up!

Wire Walking

We’ve all wanted to be them: The tightrope walker awing a crowd as they walk across the balancing wire. Here’s your chance to experience wire walking from the best. The Funicular Circus will be doing the Charleston across their tightrope, with the added treat of providing you with the chance to give it a try on their “beginners” set-up.

Lawn Games

No garden party is complete without a game of badminton and croquette. Make new friends and join a game!